Top 4 Suitable Spots For Surf Trips In Costa Rica

Among countless surfing destinations around the world, Costa Rica offers plenty of swells, breaks and surf shops and is a less crowded, clean and ecstatically empty beach. It is known as the home to some of the best waves on the earth and hence is one of the most appreciated and popular spots for surfing.


Are you a surfing enthusiast and chosen Costa Rica as your surf destination? But not sure which surf spots in Costa Rica will fulfill your crave for surfing? Here are 4 surf sites that are suitable for surfing experts like you!



A paradise for surfers, PAVONES is a remote town and one of the only destinations in Costa Rica that is purely dedicated to surf. Located to the South near Golfito which is at 8 to 9 hours distance from San Jose it offers authentic surf trips in Costa Rica for intermediate and advanced surfers with waves ranging up to 12 feet high.

Playa Dominical:


A small but one of the most happening beach towns Playa Dominical is located in the Central Pacific region of Costa Rica. It offers country’s most challenging waves to surf ranging up to 10 feet high. Hence is ideal for advanced surfers. One can also relax under the palm to relish the authentic paradise of Costa Rica.

Witch’s Rock:

Also known as Roca Bruja, Witch’s Rock is a world famous surf destination in the Santa Rosa National Park in Guanacaste. One can find multiple breaks up and down the immense beach offering consistent waves throughout the year making it a surfing destination ideal for expert surfers. The wave ranges up to 4 to 8 feet.


On the southern tip of Osa Peninsula near Puerto Jimenez, Cabo Matapalo is still one of the most remote areas of Costa Rica which boasts dense, beautiful rainforests and pristine beaches. It offers a few dependable surf breaks and the waves are not too high hence it’s ideal for all from beginners to experts.



Surfing is one of the healthiest and most exhilarating sports today as it is devoid of all stress and is nothing but the blue sky, gorgeous nature, the thrill of the waves and you! If you are looking for some exhilarating surf trips in Costa Rica then get in touch with EI Tubo Surf today. Stay tuned to Facebook and Google Plus social networks, for latest updates on Surf Trips in Costa Rica .

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