Why You Should Consider Surf & Yoga Tours in Costa Rica?

The beach is the top attraction of Costa Rica’s Dominical, a popular beach town and holiday destination in the area of Puntarenas, on the nation’s South Pacific zone which is recognized for its fun of surfing and relaxing yoga sessions. This small beach town also bubbles with its magnificent beaches, damp jungles and a diverse range of options for water sports. Surfing is the hot pursuit that can be enjoyed on different beaches with a combination of yoga throughout the year.


All those seeking a healthy beach vacation retreat can choose for surf and yoga tours in Costa Rica. They assure plenty of relaxation and fun in warm weather condition and high, steady waves ideal for surf lessons. With an option to indulge in two activities complimenting each other, the surf and Yoga tours will bring an exceptional experience of island paradise.


Dominical Beach, Playa Hermosa, Playa Ventanas and Playa Dominicalito are some of our local beaches that hardly get crowded and offer multiple vacation activities along with surfing in Costa Rica.  There are great surf spots around the coastal town of Dominical which has many budget-oriented surf and yoga resorts to accommodate incoming tourists conveniently at a short walking distance from the beach. The introduction of Yoga sessions in the Costa Rica surf tours, on the other hand, have increased the craze of tourists to keep relaxed and healthy beyond the time spent in this tropical paradise.


Today, beach vacations are the Dominical’s prime source of revenue and they are designed to bring tourists abundance of fun with a rare combination of surf and yoga. Though not every yoga enthusiast in the region likes to be a surfer and not every surfing fanatic shows interest in yoga, still, yoga can add to the pleasure of surfing by teaching to keep flexible, maintain balance and strengthen muscle while increasing focus.

Surf and yoga are two enjoyable options which tourists like you can now try at the Dominical beach of Costa Rica. You may surely feel like going on a vacation to the beach and have surf lessons and yoga lessons hand on hand to make the most of your leisure time. Apart from the thrill of surfing and yoga’s blissful calming effect, there is a chance to enjoy the wildlife tour and waterfall tour in a single package as well. While yoga ensures you mental and physical strength to live the vacation moments pleasantly, the option of surfing allows you to enjoy the biggest waves with great focus and fun while leaving your tension and stress behind, making a pure escape for you.


Surf and yoga on the Dominical beach are based on the philosophy of eating healthy, keeping fit and enjoying the lovely beach lifestyle with lots of fun and excitement and tourists come from all over the world to taste it in a single package. Actually, both the options work best in building overall strength while showing the way to respect the natural surrounding and one’s own body, and the culture established by the growing preference.

Reasons to Consider Surf & Yoga Tours in Costa Rica 

  1. To make the most of your leisure time and keep open as well flexible to welcome naturalness in life.
  2. To understand and practice two complimentary activities – surfing and yoga, while getting better at them.
  3. To get a lifetime chance to learn yoga and surf a little, have a glance at the lifestyle in the small coastal beach town of Costa Rica.
  4. To keep away from the stress of life and enjoy healthy aspects of beach travel with airport transportation and Jabillo Del Mar Eco Tent Lodge accommodation.
  5. To encourage a positive change in your life with the learning of yoga session.


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