Waterfall Tours in Costa Rica, the best way to experience the natural wonders

The mountainous position of the land and the steady flow of water from the rainforests give rise to many beautiful waterfalls in Costa Rica. An immediate walk up to the waterfall is just adequate enough to break a sweat and make you want to take that push into the crisp and crystal cool water. These Waterfall Tours in Costa Rica is highly recommended for families and groups of friends. Make the most of your Costa Rican vacation with a packed day of exploring the country’s natural waterfalls and cultural treasures. During a Waterfall Tour in Costa Rica you may be fortunate to see some incredible waterfalls in Costa Rica.

Rio Celeste Waterfall-


With the strikingly blue color magical cascade Rio Celeste Waterfall in Costa Rica attract lots of visitors every year. The blue color water is a natural gift formed due to a natural chemical reaction that occurs between minerals in this volcano-rich region. It can be accessed through the jungle trails at Tenorio Volcano National Park. Reaching the waterfall is adventures with often muddy path and staircase to reach the beautiful Rio Celeste River and Waterfall to have some swimming and jumping into the fall for fun and amusement.Canyoning, cliff jumping or diving into the silent water fall body is something which can be  a part of Waterfall Tours in Costa Rica;

Nauyaca Waterfalls-


Nauyaca Waterfalls is the perfect and ideal place for nature and adventure lovers with its two waterfalls of forty-five meters high in free fall and twenty meters high with an arranged in tiers fall. Tourists can walk, swim, climb, jump, take photographs and spend a wonderful day in six meter deep pool and the warm waters to enjoy with one of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica. Your Waterfall Tours in Costa Rica is nothing but an ecotourism for you. There are also other smaller natural pools where visitors can take hold of the opportunity and enjoy the waters with their families or friends.

Llanos de Cortez Waterfall –

Suitably located right off the busy InterAmericana Highway are the stunning Llanos de Cortez waterfall. Llanos de Cortez a wide waterfall is a haven in the middle of the parched forests of Guanacaste Province. Llanos de Cortez is a nice place to stop for a couple of hours. It can be a good place to pack a lunch and spend the day at the small sandy beach of Guanacaste. Swimming in the calm pool is highly recommended to visitors.

Diamante Waterfall and Cave –


Covered away in the middle of the jungle is the remote Diamante Waterfall and Caves. Diamantes Waterfalls are the tallest in Costa Rica with one of the falls thought to be over 600 feet tall and are simply an amazing sight to be traveled. The caves enclosed to the water and waterfalls rushing over it make the DiamanteWaterfall so special. 

Waterfall Tours in Costa Rica is not only made for enjoying waterfalls but it also about your pleasant stay, visiting surfing beaches, get a glimpse of the nightlife in the city, have a great shopping experience;

Los Chorros Waterfalls –

Los Chorros are the only secret waterfalls at Grecia  in the Central Valley. Access to the waterfalls is via an easy, ten minute hike from a main parking area through the woods. There are a few picnic spots and you can enjoy a  pack of lunch and spend the day in this peaceful, rural spot.

Secret Waterfalls –

There are many popular waterfalls that are known to the public, as well as many other beautiful waterfalls only known by locals.  We will take you to some of the most amazing waterfalls without crowds and just the jungle beauty.


26% of Costa Rica is national parks, wildlife reserves and waterfalls and the supported lodging and boarding  brings many visitors worldwide to its land and waterfalls;  Being a place for vacation, honeymoon, wedding, family tour there are many open options for relaxation, enjoyment while you are in a Waterfall Tours in Costa Rica;

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