Embark on a Stand up Paddleboard Tour for a Refreshing Experience

Ever thought about walking on water? With a stand-up paddleboard, you can get pretty close!

What is SUP –

A stand-up paddle board – commonly referred as “SUP” is a new and innovative activity, combines paddling with surfing. Offering a refreshing perspective, it allows you to look right down into the water and feel like you’re walking on the surface. Paddle boarding can be not only considered as an amazing workout but can be an incredible leisure activity. It’s due to the fact that there’s availability of different levels of stand-up paddle boarding – from beginners to the more experienced.


If you’re just beginning a SUP stand up paddle board tour, here are a few sorts of innovative ways you can take advantage of:

Top 4 SUP Tips for First-timers –

  1. You Should Avoid the Waves –

Stand up paddle boarding is an extremely challenging task. So you must start off your adventure from the calmest water surface. However, you can choose a SUP stand up paddle board at a river. Though you might have engaged in other forms of water sports activities throughout your life, it’s wise to learn how to maintain your balance and paddle within the safety realm. Within no time, you will be flexible, perfectly balanced and paddle with ease.

  1. You Should Get Up after Falling Off –

It’s necessary to know that everyone is prone to falling off their paddle board any point of time. Even, the most experienced paddle boarders end up falling off and enjoy having their share of wipeouts. When you fall off every time, you will engage yourself in an additional workout session by getting back on board. For safety precautions, you can paddle on your knees, wear a life-vest and attach an ankle leash.


  1. You Should Focus on Stationary Object –

While paddle boarding, you should follow a thumb rule – don’t look down. When you look at the waves or your feet, it’s quite easy to fall off your board. By looking at a non-moving object or at the horizon, you will be able to stay on the board much longer.

4.You Should Take Help from a SUP Instructor –

Encouragement has an important role to play, when taking up a new challenge, new hobby or trying to enhance skills you may possess. There’s nothing quite like the help of a professional to cheer you up and keep you safe. Hence, while starting off your SUP stand up paddle board adventure for the first time, you should go with a skillful, experienced paddle board instructor. A good SUP instructor will give you valuable information regarding safety precautions, show you proper execution of paddle and board, guide you into calm waters, prepare you for what you may experience, as well as support you every baby step of your SUP paddle boarding adventure.

Choosing Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Costa Rica –

El Tubo Surf is the leading surf school in Playa Dominical, offering surf lessons and secret spot surf photography with a variety of vacation packages in Costa Rica. We specialize in providing SUP stand up paddle board tour in local Baru River to experience Costa Rican high rise tides at their best.


Our SUP stand-up paddle boarding tour can offer you a unique opportunity to enjoy a full body workout while indulging in the beautiful scenery and scenic nature. No matter whatever thrills you more – high rise tides, relaxing workout, glittering sunset or birding, El Tubo Surf won’t disappoint you at all!

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