Popular Waterfalls to Explore on a Guided Waterfall Tour in Costa Rica

Renowned for outstanding natural attractions, Costa Rica boasts of some breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls. Your Costa Rica holiday will help you to indulge in many exciting activities and explore the lush outdoors. If you want to experience Mother Nature in her free-flowing form, then do not forget to consider a wonderful waterfall tour in Costa Rica.

There are many outstanding waterfalls in Costa Rica’s every corner. Here we are listing some, please have a look!

1. Nauyaca Waterfall:


One of the most popular and favorite waterfalls of many tourists, travelers and nature lovers- Nauyaca Waterfall is located in the Southern Costa Rica (on the mountain road from Dominical to San Isidro). You can walk or take a horseback riding tour to reach the site, which is 4 kilometers long trail with scenic views. This waterfall comprises of upper falls and lower falls. You will simply love to get the stunning views of both waterfalls surrounded by lush green nature.

The upper falls of Nauyaca Waterfalls plummet down from the height of 45 meters onto a rocky bed, which is quite unsuitable for swimming. Whereas the lower falls are only 20 meters in height and form a pleasant six-meter deep pool, where you can enjoy a refreshing dip. A huge pool at the lower falls has a plenty of room that allows everyone to enjoy swimming or relax. You can use the facilities available right before the steps down to the falls to change into a swimsuit. Note: Please be careful at the waterfalls, as the rocks can be slippery; do not forget to bring good gripping water shoes!

The beautiful and exotic lush green surrounding of Nauyaca Waterfalls makes it an ideal destination for nature lovers. The 4 km trail to reach the Nauyaca Waterfall give you the opportunity to enjoy hiking or horseback riding. Horseback riding is considered as the most popular and comfortable way to reach the magnificent waterfall. Whereas hiking to the Nauyaca Waterfalls will allow you to come close to nature and enjoy some scenic views on the way.

2. Diamante Waterfalls:


Do you know the Diamante waterfall is a series of 7 falls? The Diamante falls start at 3,300 feet and cascades down an incredible rock faced-mountain, which forms an amazing 600-foot cascade. Located next to a private reserve, a waterfall tour to Diamante waterfall will help you enjoy some incredible views. This amazing place can be explored on a guided Costa Rica half day waterfall tour.

As it is located on a private property, you will be only allowed to visit the Diamante Waterfall on a guided tour. You need to trek up the mountain by following the steep and rocky path to reach the waterfalls, which will prove to be a rewarding experience, as this will give an opportunity to spot wildlife and nature. The most remarkable Diamante Waterfalls that are interlaced through a network of caves and untouched rainforests. Here you can get a chance to explore the biodiversity of the age-old rainforest that will prove to be a lifetime experience.

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